Regardless of your political persuasion, inflation is a bipartisan problem. Idahoans are spending more money for the same or less amount of goods than they used to.  

The Biden Administration will not admit that the country is in a Recession despite the last two-quarters of negative economic growth. High fuel prices and supply chain issues are a few of the reasons given as the cause of a forty-year high inflation rate.

Check Out How Much Your Favorite Food Items Cost Compared To Last Year

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Most folks don't care about the details; they want the pain to disappear. With those thoughts in mind, we decided to do a little research to determine what items we all buy daily have risen the most. 

The business publication Barron's provides an accurate summary of the mood of most of us. 

"Prices for food have climbed 10.4% from a year earlier, outpacing the 9.1% increase for the broader Consumer Price Index released Wednesday.


Shoppers purchasing staples like butter, margarine, flour, eggs, poultry products and milk as well as prepared foods like soup and frozen dinners have been especially hard hit."


Consumers are now using more coupons taking advantage of special shopping days and looking at what grocery store will give them the most bang for their buck.  The Biden Administration had initially told the public that the increase in inflation was transitory, but now admits that they missed the call.

There is some good news if you're a meat eater.  Barron's reports that the price of beef and chicken did drop slightly a few months ago.  A man at an Albertson's told a crowd that he believed their was a chicken shortage as he ordered his party bucket.

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