It has been a while since we checked on California Governor Gavin Newsom. Around this time last year, Governor Newsom was in Boise rallying Idaho Democrats while buying used books at a bookstore. We have no confirmation that Newsom's purchases were books on leadership. If so, we suggest he read a few books on the topic.

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The governor is currently campaigning for beleaguered Joe Biden in Michigan and Pennsylvania while his home state is experiencing an oppressive heatwave. When he's in the state, he's working on a podcast with Marshawn Lynch called Politic-kin.

Gavin and Joe
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How did we survive without a podcast from a government leader and a former NFL great? I'm sure it will stretch the intelligence of the four liberals who will tune in weekly or weakly. The potential impact of his actions should concern us all and keep us attentive.

Governor Newsom's telling anyone who will listen he's fighting to 'save democracy.' He should be working to save Californians from the massive crime wave the liberal district attorneys have brought to the once Golden State. Republicans are working to eliminate the controversial Prop forty-seven, which turned felonies into misdemeanors.

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Mr. Newsom has always been about more sizzle than steak. California is a mess with a massive budgetary deficit. A recent Californian was moved to tears as she told me the pain she faced leaving behind her kids and grandkids. "We couldn't take it anymore. I miss my family," she said in tears.

Californians elected the governor to lead, which he has failed to do year after year. If he wants to become a podcasting star, he should resign and call Joe Rogan. California and America need more than a glitzy and shallow San Francisco politician.

As long as Governor Newsom is in power, more Conservative states will see more and more Californians arriving.

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