The airwaves and social media continue to buzz concerning the state of Idaho's controversial plan to pay the unemployed fifteen hundred dollars to return to work.  Governor Little, who has taken heat over the plan, shared his frustration with us this morning.  The governor blamed the additional six hundred dollars the federal government gives unemployed folks as part of the problem.

Small and big business owners have expressed their anger saying that Idahoans do not want to go back to work because they're making more money being unemployed.  Governor Little told us that Vice President Pence asked him about the Idaho Initiative in a recent conference call.  Larry Kudlow, who advises the president on the economy, says that the expanded unemployment benefits will soon end.  However, in an interview here, Kudlow says that people have to get back to work.  Perhaps, we could see a national version of Idaho's Plan?  Stay tuned true believer.


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