Idaho is one of the few states in the nation that continues to obey federal law. While some states continue to have federal regulations concerning the selling and consuming of marijuana, Idaho hasn't legalized medical or recreational use.

5 Reasons Why Marijuana Will Never Be Legal in Idaho

The five factors that are unique to Idaho that will prevent our state from legalizing marijuana.

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Other states in the country have allowed the weed to be consumed and taxed, although they cannot put their illegal proceeds in a bank due to the federal law against marijuana.


While there have been several attempts to bring legal weed to Idaho, the state's legislature and governor have refused to consider allowing marijuana to be consumed in Idaho. The state's resilience has garnered national attention, as seen in this New York Times story promoting Ontario as the marijuana capital of Idaho.


Idaho law enforcement continues to warn about the dangers of legalization. Now, some lawmakers in the legislature want to eliminate pro-marijuana advertising in the Gem State. If you travel near the Idaho/Oregon border, you'll begin to see massive billboards inviting Idahoans to cross the border to pick up some weed. Oregon is in such bad shape due to drug decriminalization that it declared a state of emergency. 


The Idaho Capital Sun reports that two lawmakers have introduced legislation that would ban ads promoting marijuana use. The bill also seeks to ban advertisements for illegal services. 

#3 Idaho is a Law and Order state
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Republicans Senator Chris Trakel (Caldwell) and Representative Judy Boyle (Midvale) want to add a misdemeanor for folks convicted of creating ads in newspapers, billboards, and other forms of advertising.

Experts we spoke to told us that they believe the bill has a very good chance of passing and being signed into law. 

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