The road from Sacramento to the White House took another bumpy turn for California's embattled Governor Gavin Newsom. The state continues to struggle with the mass exodus of Californians leaving for Idaho, Texas, and Arizona. The government recently announced that the state faces a record 68 billion dollar deficit. 


California's problems continue as the tax base erodes while criminals continue to run amok without the consequences of bail. The crime rate is so bad in Oakland that the beloved burger chain In-N-Out closed its location due to several robberies and other crimes at that location. 

Progressive elected district attorneys have added to the once Golden State's safety problem. The police arrest criminals who commit crimes and then are released without bail, allowing them to pillage the streets once they're released. The state has seen several significant retailers follow the lead of In-N-Out and leave the state.  However, the deteriorating living conditions in California are not a concern to the emperor without clothes.



Governor Newsom decided to confront a Target employee. (Who knew the governor was a target shopper?)   The governor made national news this week not by helping Californians but by confronting a Target checkout clerk.


Her offense was that she blamed him for the massive shoplifting that has destroyed so many businesses. The governor was shocked when she said the store allows shoplifters due to his soft-on-crime policies. Instead of pursuing the shoplifter like a true crime fighter, Governor Newsom belittled the clerk, spouting his bogus crime statistics. (This reminds many of us how the Biden Administration tells us how great the economy is when we can't afford groceries.)


Americans React To Governor Newsom's Target Trip





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