It's that time of year again when new laws are going on the books, regardless of whatever state you live in. Let's be honest, the craziest state with the most extreme laws is California. The once Golden State continues to see more and more folks leaving for states like Idaho and Texas.

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If you're reading this and live in California, then it might be time to leave, or if you have relatives in California, you'll know what new wacko laws they'll have to deal with in 2024.

Thabang / Jiawei Zhao via Unsplash
Thabang / Jiawei Zhao via Unsplash

The state's minimum wage is now sixteen dollars an hour. (Idaho's minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.) If you're a fast-food worker, the minimum wage is a whopping twenty dollars an hour. Not a bad way to spend your after-school hours or a great side hustle. If taxes and the cost of living weren't so high in California, you could live off twenty dollars an hour.


Employers are not allowed drug or marijuana-free workplaces. What the new law says is that a California employer has no right to ask workers if they have been smoking weed when not at work. The employer has the right not to have you smoking marijuana at work but can't ask you what you're doing when you're off the clock.

#9 People don't smoke weed in Idaho
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Bye-bye, gas-powered small engines, leaf blowers, and other tools that use gas. The state mandates that these tools are eliminated due to air quality and global warming. All of these tools must now be powered by electricity; perhaps you can buy them on the black market.

Surgical Masks
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It pays to get sick in California; workers will not get five paid sick days up from three. Is it me, or do the folks in Sacramento seek to undermine employers?

Thank goodness we live in Idaho!

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