The internet has been having a heyday with a recent job posting that is totally real--and just hours from Boise. This particular job title might have you scratching your head, too, but it's actually a federal gig that pays great.

We should's pretty dangerous, too.

What could a job this dangerous be? Well, here in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, there are a few options: 

The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

There are a lot of jobs from coast to coast that could be classified among the most dangerous in the nation. Many of which happen to be right here in the State of Idaho. One dangerous job posting has the internet running for the hill--or, city limits would be more like it. Before we get to that, here are some jobs only available for the most brave.

Unfortunately for this lucky employee--these all seem to be rather normal for what this gig has in mind. 

The job title is literally "Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager" and it pays up to $103,000 a year! Yes, one lucky candidate is going to be the expert on grizzly bear conflict. Who's ready to get their hands dirty?

You will be based in Montana-- in either Missoula, Bozeman, or Kalispell. Despite what the title suggests, you won't be breaking up bears that are conflicting with one another. You're actually going to be monitoring their interaction with humans--which hopefully isn't too much and HOPEFULLY won't require any wrestling matches.

Love bears and the great outdoors? Maybe the job is for you.

Out favorite line from the entire posting is:

The incumbent may be subject to large numbers of biting insects and may be required to work in close proximity to large animals such as bear and moose. He/she may need to carry a firearm for personal protection from wildlife. The incumbent is expected to conduct duties in a safe and orderly manner so as not to endanger self, fellow workers, or property.

What's a Grizzly Bear in the grand scheme when there are mosquitos chasing after you! This job is SO Idaho.

Want to see the job for yourself? It's HERE.

Our colleague Kevin Miller has outlined some really great tips on surviving a Bear Attack, HERE.

What's next? A Bigfoot liaison? 

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