It's everyone's favorite time of the year-- that's right, Tax Season!

Of course, insert as much sarcasm into that statement as you would like...because not everyone is about tax season. Paperwork, deadlines, and paying a chunk of change to Uncle Sam that you didn't anticipate having to pay... those all sound like perfectly fun things, right?  Then again, for those getting refunds, maybe it isn't so bad after all.

No matter your feelings on tax season it's not much of an option-- everyone has to do it and NOT doing it can come with some serious penalties. Well, the IRS is gearing up for another busy tax season and just this week they've announced when the madness will begin.

Mark January 27th on your calendar because that's the FIRST day that you can file your taxes and officials are recommending you get it over with early! Of course, the official deadline isn't until April 15th.

IRS officials say that filing these away early can be advantageous because there will be a little bit less of a wait on that refund check and it gives you a much great assurance that there won't be anyone claiming your refund illegally through any form of fraud. Getting a quick refund or knowing what you owe with plenty of time before the April deadline can both be huge!

Get to number crunching on those returns if your employer gets your documents to you early and do yourself a favor this tax season!

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