It's that time of year again when the state government talks about your money. However, this state agency is about something other than taking your money but helping you find your lost money. The state treasurer has issued a release to help you find your money.

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How many times have you moved in the last few years? How often have you paid on an insurance policy and had money left on the table? The good news is that your money may not be lost. No, you don't need a map to find your hidden treasure. Julie Ellsworth, the Idaho State Treasurer, has announced a new website that will reunite you with your lost goods or money.

You Can Find More Than Money On This Site

There is an entire division within the state government tasked with helping you find your misplaced or lost items, including safe deposit boxes. The Idaho Unclaimed Property Division currently contains over 2,300 safe deposit boxes collected from banks. Those contents include jewelry, photos, legal documents, collectibles, stocks, and bonds.

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Enough delays, the website is YOURMONEY.IDAHO.GOV. It won't hurt to go the site type in your name and see if you have some found money. Imagine what could happen if you have an extra few or many dollars that could help you through the these challenging economic times. It won't be long before the state and federal government will be looking to take your money because tax time is just around the corner.

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