Spring is here and it's the time of year when people are looking for love. And maybe it's not even long-term love, right? Maybe you're an energetic spring chicken who is looking for a quick romantic handshake of intimacy and nothing more; that's fine, we're not here to judge.

That being said, if you're looking to do the horizontal tango with a random this spring, you'll want to protect yourself.

Knowledge is power

For some people, getting down on the first date is no different than catching a cup of coffee with a friend. The problem with that is that there are risks involved and we're not talking about the potential embarrassment that could be had between both parties.

We're talking about the medical kind and there's a real threat out there when you consider that not many people are protecting themselves these days.

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No, seriously.

According to a study from Statista, 88% of people surveyed admit to not using condoms during sexual relations which is alarming when you consider the risk of sexually transmitted disease.

A recent study revealed the cities with the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases and to our surprise, Boise made the top 100. Don't worry though, you don't have to feel too bad! California on the other hand, has thirteen cities on this list... YIKES!

Let's take a look at the cities with the highest STD rates in the country and see where Boise lands.

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