As Idahoans, we bear a collective responsibility as we embrace the warmth of the season. Our mutual affection for the outdoors, whether it's hiking, hunting, fishing, or simply hitting the road, is a testament to our shared values. Let's stand together in our commitment to maintain the safety of our roads for all. 

Idaho's roads, once known for their openness, have undergone a significant transformation. They are now congested and perilous, mirroring the state's remarkable growth over the past decade. This surge in traffic presents a grave threat to our safety, demanding our immediate attention.



When the Idaho State Police and other esteemed law enforcement agencies issue warnings, they are not to be taken lightly. These warnings, known as the one hundred deadliest days of the year, are a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the life-threatening risks of excessive speeding during summer. We must act now to prevent further tragedies.


Unfortunately, dry roads mean some drivers drive too fast, tailgate too much, and pressure folks to drive off the road. We've had several reports of speeding vehicles causing crashes, such as a recent incident where a speeding car lost control and collided with an oncoming vehicle, resulting in severe injuries. 

Understanding the importance of safe driving throughout the area is crucial. It's always in our best interest to drive defensively, constantly vigilant to protect ourselves against potential hazards. 

Please be careful when you're driving on our roads this Summer. Hopefully, more and more drivers will follow your example.

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