The recent snowfall during the morning commute has exposed embarrassing and glaring weaknesses of some, not all, Idahoans. When the roads get wet or the snow falls, Idahoans seem to drive safely or responsibly.

Before you send a fiery email, we're not saying all Gem State drivers are challenged, but looking at the recent traffic accidents caused by the snow, we have a problem.

How bad was it driving to work in the snow? How many accidents has our area seen in the past few days? What is a gold mine for autobody shops is a pain for everyone who wants to get to and from work safely and on time.

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The good news is that spring is on the way, according to most record experts. Next week, Idahoans can expect the high temperatures to be in the fifties and not the thirties.

The Idaho Statesman reported that the Boise area experienced over one hundred accidents. Could these accidents have been prevented? The answer to most of these accidents is yes. 

Why do we have so many accidents during wet or snowy weather? One main reason is that folks don't respect the snow or ice on the roads. Experts say to take it slow when road conditions are not ideal. Instead, drivers falsely believe that having a four-wheel drive truck will ensure their safety. Excessive speed leads to loss of control, and then you're at the mercy of the road conditions.

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Other folks continue the dangerous habit of tailgating other drivers. When the road is wet, drivers need more safe space to brake, not less. Rapid braking in bad conditions leads to more accidents. 

What's the solution? We can't protect you from folks who don't respect our state's ever-changing weather conditions. We advise that you avoid excessive speeds and tailgating. And, if you can, wait till road conditions clear before hitting the road. You may not make your autobody repairman happy, but your insurance agent will thank you.

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