It's officially summertime in Idaho. The sacred Memorial Day holiday weekend is over, so many of us will travel for a well-deserved vacation. Despite Joe Biden's failed economic policies, which continue to drive up gas prices, most of us will try to take a trip or two.

However, summer driving leads to many avoidable accidents that sadly turn traffic. Better weather in Idaho means drivers exceeding safe speed limits and driving recklessly, endangering themselves and others.

For some reason, some Idahoans have little regard for public safety during the summer months. Law enforcement calls it the 100 Deadly Days of Summer. They hope the more information they get to the public, the more lives they can save.

Boise Gas Guzzlers

Law enforcement and media partners should call it the 100 Stupidest Days of Summer. How dumb and self-indulgent do you have to be to drive over the speed limit, pass a vehicle in an unpassable zone, tailgate someone, bully folks on the road, and drive under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs?

For most of us, common sense is something we forget about when we get on the road. It seems that the bigger the vehicle we drive, the crazier our antics on the road.

Road rage is a problem that we, as adults, are better than. If someone acts like an idiot, we don't have to respond. Let them go along their way, and if their behavior is out of control, call the police, who will be more than happy to deal with them.

I wish we didn't have to worry about the self-centered, irresponsible drivers, but it is summertime in Idaho. Let's be careful out there!

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