Spring officially begins March 19th according to the almanac and that means getting out of the house and experiencing all the amazing things nature has to offer.

That being said, the season can bring out the stuff of nightmares, especially inside your home.

A nightmare scenario we've all thought about at one point or another

If you've never had this thought cross your mind, we apologize in advance: something crawling out of the toilet while you're sitting on the toilet.

Is that not the most horrifying scenario... EVER?! Some might call it an irrational fear but the scary truth is that things like that happen and this is the time of year when we could see snakes slithering their way out of the porcelain.

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According to California State University San Marcos, it's the time of year when snakes are coming out of hibernation and most sightings are reported between Spring and Fall. CSUSM also says that there are over 800 nationwide cases of rattlesnake bites reported annually.

We don't know about you, but the thought of being bit by a snake while sitting on "the throne" is downright terrifying.

Are snakes really entering our homes through the toilet?

Unfortunately - yes, they are. As a matter of fact, we found a scary report from Men's Health that covers five terrifying times that that's happened.

And it's not just toilets either! We did research and found other ways snakes can enter your home as they awaken from their hibernation.

Here are seven ways these snakes can invade your home and make your nightmares come true.

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