Calling all meat lovers in Idaho! We're about to share with you the latest "grilling" data from our tech-savvy friends at Google.

Not only did the latest Google Trends report share the most searched meat in Idaho, but also some of the latest grilling trends throughout the country. It's fascinating to see the differences!

We've also embedded a map below that displays the most popular searches in each state.

What is the most searched meat in Idaho?

A map visualization of the latest study from Google Trends. (Data source: Google Trends)
Google Trends: Map of Most Searched "How to Grill..." by State

When it comes to grilling, nothing gets Idahoans more fired up than a mouthwatering steak!

That's right, in our beloved Gem State, steak has claimed the crown as the most searched-for grilling recipe.

Photo by Carlos Davila Cepeda on Unsplash
Photo by Carlos Davila Cepeda on Unsplash

With the weather being as great as it is, Americans nationwide are gearing up for epic barbecues and cookouts. Each state has its own barbecue favorites, but here in Idaho, we've made our preference loud and clear...

While other states might choose seafood, corn on the cob, or portobello mushrooms, Idaho stays true to its meat-loving roots. And while chicken breasts, ribs, and shrimp caught the attention of many others, our hearts (and stomachs) remain devoted to that perfectly grilled slab of beef.

Whether it's ribeye, sirloin, or tenderloin, Idahoans know how to season and sear their steaks to absolute perfection. And if they don't, they can always Google it to figure it out! So, fire up those barbecues, gather your loved ones, and sink your teeth into a delicious steak.

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