If you've ever been to Boise Music Festival, you know it's one of the biggest shows of the year for the Treasure Valley. You also know that it's known for bringing some of the premier acts from around the globe to the Gem State.

Boise Music Festival has had some amazing artists in the past and one artist recently made headlines following accusations that they are a part of the infamous "Illuminati."

Did we all just witness a member of the Illuminati take the stage?

If you've been anywhere near social media lately, there's a good chance that you've heard about the viral interview between comedian Katt Williams and former NFL great-turned podcaster, Shannon Sharpe.

The interview took place on Sharpe's podcast called "Club Shay Shay." In the interview, the comedian Katt Williams seemingly drops bomb after bomb about the dark secrets of the entertainment business. Williams called out several comedians including Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer for stealing jokes, backstories, etc.

Sharpe then shifts the conversation by asking Williams about an artist who performed at Boise Music Festival in 2023 - Ludacris.

Devyn Morris
Devyn Morris

Sharpe asks Williams if he's related to "Luda", short for Ludacris. What Williams shares next will knock the socks off any conspiracy theorist out there.

"We were both invited to an Illuminati thing and it had to be one or the other of us and decisions had to be made... Both of us were equal," Williams said.

"One of us had to cut off all their hair and couldn't do the sideburn thing with the points... and the next person they said was going to get 200 million dollars because they were going to pay him 10 million a movie to do 20 movies."

Williams then revealed who was who in the conversation.

"One of those persons turned out to be Ludacris, and the other turned out to be Katt Williams."

Williams then asked Sharpe what 'Fast & Furious' movie they were on to which Sharpe replied: "10."

Ludacris responds... but in a very unique way

Understandably so, Ludacris wasn't going to stay quiet. The rapper/actor went to a studio where he seemingly "freestyle" his response over Kanye West's song "Devil in a New Dress" - which takes a dig at Katt's other claims but more on that in a bit.

While we can't share the exact words of what Ludacris said

"They throwing shade ‘cause *****s could never take my shine ... Never been Illuminati, only Ill-Luda-nati/And I only left with b****** when coming from any party."

It's a wild start to 2024 and it's crazy to imagine that if what Katt Williams is saying is true... then a lot of us can say that we saw a member of the Illuminati take the stage at Boise Music Festival.

Check out the clip of Katt Williams calling out Luda below and below that, you can see Ludacris's response. **EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING**

And the full nearly 3-hour interview between Williams and Sharpe can be seen below:

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