Idaho has some absolutely incredible homes, and if you look hard enough, you can find really unique homes that leave you with more questions than answers — like how or why? But I don’t think I’ve seen one quite as unique as this one before. Keep scrolling for the pictures 👇

I first heard about the house from For 91 Days, who rightfully called it, “The Craziest House in Idaho.” They went on a tour through the house and this is what they said …

“It looks as though someone coated a normal two-story house in super glue, then dumped the contents of a well-stocked second-hand store on top of it. And then left it to rust and age for twenty years.”

So, the questions still remain, is this an old house that belongs to a crazy person? Is it an antique shop? Or was it created to be exactly what it is right now – just a fascinating attraction in Idaho that people find out about and want to go see? Or maybe all of these things?

With a little extra digging, I was able to find out that this is actually a legit antique store in Idaho City, called BoCo Sluice Box.

I mean, it’s incredibly random, but I love it. There’s gotta be an interesting story behind this one for sure, and that’s one of the things I love most about Idaho – there’s a rich and creative history and there are always new things to check out and learn about.

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