When it comes to planning a wedding there is so much to factor in: guest list, catering, your venue… oh yeah, and then there’s this whole thing called “cost.” While preparing a wedding isn’t cheap, according to Intuit, Idaho is the second cheapest state in terms of cost, when it comes to putting on a wedding.

Intuit has a nifty wedding budget calculator but they also broke down various factors in determining what a wedding actually consists of... not just the price tag. They broke it down as follows:

  • Average pre-wedding costs: 30% of your budget
  • Average day-of wedding costs: 60% of your budget
  • Average post-wedding costs: 10% of your wedding budget

It appears that some of these categories include things that some of us would never even consider. For example, you might want a live band for the reception until you realize (at least according to Intuit's data) that a live band will cost you $4,500. Intuit assumes you can afford it and even tacks on a $1,000 budget allowance for a DJ... that's $5,500 on just music. We haven't even tackled catering or other rentals that people might want to have at their wedding. Heck, we haven't even looked at venues yet (more on that in a few), but first, let's look at how Idaho is among the cheapest states to have a wedding.

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