'Tis the season of merriment and joy and Santa Claus leading the festive charge. Unfortunately, the jolly old soul who spreads cheer to countless children each year has found himself under the microscope of Idaho law.

Believe it or not, Santa might be toeing the line on a spectrum of scandalous transgressions in the Gem State. From labor laws to whispers of tax evasion, not even the big man in red could escape the long arm of the law if Idahoans pressed charges.



Like any Idaho local or visitor, Santa could be held accountable for his actions if Idaho law enforcement cracked down. 

So, to get you in the bah humbug spirit, we're breaking down a list of Santa's crimes and violations that could land him on Idaho's naughty list.


7 Scandalous Crimes Santa Could Be Arrested for in Idaho

As he soars over Idaho, Santa's behavior could land him in seriously hot cocoa with state law enforcement.

Even on Christmas Eve, Santa isn't exempt from the law. No festive immunity here—if Idaho police were to crack down, they could technically bring Saint Nick in on at least seven different charges featured below.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela


FamousTubeFamily // YouTube
FamousTubeFamily // YouTube


Whether or not Santa is breaking the law is debatable. If you're among those of us who received a lump of coal in our stocking when we were kids, you're probably more inclined to answer yes. Even if he jipped us at one point or another, we still need to exercise objectivity and an innocent until proven guilty mindset.

Following the regulations set forth by Idaho lawmakers and the Feds makes for a safe and merry Christmas season. So, let's all remember to get along and stay on the "nice list" this year!

Merry Christmas, Santa. May you evade Idaho law enforcement for another year 😏


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