Have you ever spotted a group of kids or teens riding in the back of a pickup truck and wondered if it was illegal? We don't mean on camping trips or sleepy, back-country roads. We mean I-84 going 65 mph. Do you think that's illegal?

Well, it's not.  

A Deathbed on Wheels

In 2013, 9-year-old Idaho boy was riding in the bed of his dad's truck. The boy was seated atop an unsecured mattress when it caught wind and ejected him from the bed. Upon impact, the boy sustained a fatal blow to the head. During an interview with ABC Local News 8 Sgt. Chris Elverud with the Idaho State Police emphasized that while riding unrestrained in the cab of a pickup truck is illegal in the Gem State, riding in the bed of a truck is A-Okay.

Earlier this year, MotorBiscuit reminded the world there "are no laws at this time that prohibit people from riding in the cargo area of a truck in Idaho," yet the state requires all passenger to use restraints inside all moving vehicles.

Considering Idaho's strictly enforced seatbelt and car seat laws, we're puzzled by the state's lackadaisical approach to minors riding freestyle in pickups.

And It's Not Just Idaho

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration via Hard Working Trucks, Idaho belongs to the following group of states that allows citizens to ride unrestrained in the bed of moving pickup trucks: AL, AK, AZ, DE, ID, IL, IN, IA, KY, MN, MS, MT, NH, ND, OK, SD, VT, WA, WV, and WY.

Per each state's current policy, the group seemingly dismisses the 250 Americans killed each year riding in the beds of pickup trucks.

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