Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it's time for Idahoans to start preparing for the big feast.

Every year, there seems to be a new trend when it comes to cooking the perfect turkey. This year, the latest buzz among foodies is spatchcocking, and we've got a hunch that Idahoans might be jumping on the bandwagon.

What does it mean to spatchcock a Turkey?

It may sound like a fancy cooking term, but it's really quite simple.

Basically, it's a method of preparing poultry by removing the backbone and flattening the bird. This technique results in a turkey that cooks more evenly and quickly, as there is no thick part of the bird that takes longer to cook than the rest.



Cooks also love the way the skin becomes crispy all around, making it much easier to carve the bird once it's ready to be served.

Why would Idahoans want to spatchcock their Thanksgiving turkeys?

For starters, it's a great way to try something new and impress your guests!

Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash
Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

Spatchcocking has become a trendy cooking method in recent years, and who doesn't love a fun food trend? Plus, it's a technique that can be used with any type of poultry, not just turkey. So even if after Thanksgiving passes, you can still give spatchcocking a try with a different bird.

Is it hard to spatchcock a full-size turkey?

There are a few downsides to spatchcocking a full-sized Thanksgiving turkey. For one, Idahoans should know it's a be a bit more challenging to remove the backbone and flatten the bird than simply stuffing it in a roasting pan.

Food Network // YouTube
Food Network // YouTube

Additionally, you'll need a sharp pair of kitchen shears or a very good knife, both of which can be pretty pricey. Finally, spatchcocking will result in a turkey that looks different from the traditional bird, so if an Instagram-worthy presentation is high on your list of Thanksgiving priorities, you might want to go the prettier, more traditional route.

How long does it take to spatchcock a turkey?

Spatchcocking is a time-saver! Traditional methods for roasting a turkey can take hours, but a spatchcocked turkey will cook in less time. Sometimes it cooks in as little as an 90 minutes.

Natasha's Kitchen // YouTube
Natasha's Kitchen // YouTube

This can be a real lifesaver if you're hosting a large gathering and have several other dishes to prepare. Plus, you'll have more room in your oven for other sides, which is always a good thing.

Will Idaho give spatchcocking their Thanksgiving turkeys a try?

While we can't say for certain, it's certainly a trend that's worth considering. It's a cooking technique that's both fun and practical that can result in a delicious and juicy turkey.

If you're feeling adventurous this Thanksgiving, give spatchcocking a try. Who knows? It could become Idaho's go-to method for cooking poultry all year round.

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