As part of your Halloween costume this year, will you be changing the color of your eyes with colored contacts? There's a new study that shows Idaho is among the top 10 states for using colored contacts this Halloween season.

The study was conducted by LensLuxe, and it claims to have uncovered a new, unique trend, and that is small towns and smaller states seem to be leading the charge when it comes to embracing the magic of costume contact lenses during the spooky season this year.

How did they figure this out?

The researchers crunched data using Google Keyword Planner, looking at what folks were searching for in the past year. Terms like 'Color contact lenses,' 'Halloween contact lenses,' 'Best Halloween contact lenses,' and 'contact lenses near me' lit up the search engines. And guess what? The big spike in Idaho was when searches happened in October, just as everyone's planning their costumes.

To get a more accurate picture, they balanced out the data against each state's population to see how many people per 10,000 were changing their eye colors. Idaho made the list at number 10, with 164 people per 10,000 giving their eyes a vibrant makeover for Halloween. Also notable, Utah and Wyoming are in the top 10, too, Utah ranking #2.

The study's findings reveal the fun and quirky side of regional Halloween traditions. It's all part of the excitement as people across the nation gear up to show off their best Halloween looks.

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