Boise outdoor enthusiasts, particularly runners, hikers, and bikers, are urged to exercise caution as weather forecasts predict an increased chance of precipitation in the region. Ridge to Rivers, the local trail authority, has issued a trail condition report for today, Wednesday, October 25th, advising the community on how to protect these beloved Boise trails during wet conditions.

While the area hasn't received as much rain as initially forecasted, the weather models continue to call for a good chance of precipitation throughout the afternoon. In light of this, Ridge to Rivers recommends that outdoor enthusiasts stick to sandier or all-weather trails if they plan to venture out later in the day, and to avoid muddy areas.

Most trails should remain manageable until the rain significantly intensifies, however, once the surfaces become muddy, Ridge to Rivers advises people to avoid any trails where they are leaving tracks, whether by bike, foot, or hoof. The goal is to prevent damage to the trail surfaces, preserving the integrity of these natural recreational resources.

Here are 2 tips for hiking in these conditions:

Footwear is Key: When hiking in rainy or muddy conditions, the right footwear can make all the difference. Find waterproof or water-resistant hiking boots that provide extra grip and ankle support. Consider also wearing "gaiters" to keep mud from getting inside your boots.

Stay on Established Trails: Stick to well-established and designated trails. Straying off the path can lead to soil erosion, further damage to the environment, and potential safety hazards.

Boise residents are reminded to act responsibly and thoughtfully when using the local trails, respecting the environment and the efforts of organizations like Ridge to Rivers in maintaining these outdoor spaces.

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