Who knew Boise mountain lions would spark and uproar of heated debates online? A recent encounter with four mountain lions on the Dry Creek Trail near Boise has started a big debate, and it's been the talk of the town over the weekend.

What was initially a thrilling encounter, and an impressive experience a local trail runner had stumbling upon four mountain lions right next to her, has now morphed into a clash of opinions, with our Facebook posts being flooded by arguments, snarky comments, and passionate exchanges about the coexistence of hikers and these animals in their natural habitat.

On one side, there are those who firmly believe that people should respect the natural territory of mountain lions. "That's their home," they argue, advocating for minimizing human presence in those wildlife areas.

On the other side, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts think people should have the freedom to explore those areas while adhering to essential safety precautions like carrying bear spray and hiking in groups etc.

There were a lot of sarcastic comments, but also some really warm and positive ones, too. Here's the post if you'd like to sift through the comments yourselves.

The discussion has raised important questions about the balance between preserving nature in our area and also ensuring human safety. In response, authorities and wildlife experts have stressed the significance of responsible outdoor recreation, suggesting that awareness and education are key components in minimizing potential conflicts between humans and the remarkable wildlife that surrounds Boise.

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