If you're not from Boise, or haven't visited as of late, you may be surprised to hear that Idaho's capitol city is a really, really great place to eat.

Don't believe us? Pick literally any restaurant in downtown Boise and report back. We highly doubt you'll come back less than satisfied.

So, yes, Boise has some good eats. But would Boisians be willing to shell out $50 for a hamburger? Let's connect and see if you're willing to open your wallet that wide just to try it.

Before we jump in, if you're looking for some good vegan options in the Boise area that we recommend, here you go:

Best Vegetarian Brunches in Boise

They have great food.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

A $50 Hamburger Is Already Being Sold And Served In California

In California's Bay Area (which is ultra expensive and ritzy), a restauranteur has taken upon themself to cook up a $50 hamburger, add it to their menu, and sell it to customers. What's even crazier, you can up the ante to order the burger in question as part of a $105 three-course meal.

Do you think diners in Boise are willing to pay over three figures for a meal?

The Reviewer Said It's "Just Not A Good Burger"

If you're not a burger fan, it's alright. The reviewer of the Bay Area burger supreme wasn't really satisfied with their meal, so perhaps we're not missing out on much.

Not a burger fan? Then maybe a pizza cone would be more up your alley. Yes, you read that right, a pizza cone. It's precisely what it sounds like, and it's amazing.

Boise's 'Coned Pizza' Needs Your Help

We love Coned--and their truck was stolen. Can you help find it?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM



Bacon Features New Menu Item

Bacon lover's heaven.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

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