How will this epic politcal trilogy end?  Join Kevin Miller this Wednesday Night at Dave and Busters.  Call 901-3806 to RSVP.  Here's why you should join Kevin.1.  How will Fox News Moderator Chris Wallace handle both candidates?  Will he be fair and balanced?  Or more like Anderson and Martha?

2.  Will Hillary Clinton continue to blame the Russians for the damaging email leaks?  Tough to blame Putin on the Clinton Campaign's view on Catholics.

3. Can Donald Trump continue to reach the American People while the public is deluged with negative stories in the press?

4. Our last chance to talk about the debate right after it happens.   Kevin Miller will once again host a post debate show from Dave & Buster's live on 580 KIDO.

5.     During the event, there will be FREE video games for kids that come with an adult. The free games include anything you can shoot, ride or drive!    Call them now at 901-3806 to RSVP.