Kevin Miller interviews Jerry from New Hampshire who drove 2,700 miles in two days to defend the Bundys.  Jerry tells Kevin why he's here in Nevada and how long he believes he, his son, and his best friend will be needed.  He goes over finding dead cattle and how they were shot by the BLM.


Kevin Miller interviews Cliven Bundy in part one of a two part interview.  Mr. Bundy says he's not a racist and any press is good press.  He continues that he is a cowboy 'one of the last.'  Kevin asks Mr. Bundy about the 'code of the West' and Mr. Bundy responds.  Dorian, Tea Party Bob, and Terry from State College PA call in to sound off.


Kevin Miller speaks with a young Las Vegas mother who donates her time and resources to the militias protecting the Bundy Ranch.  She describes the movement to get her constitutional rights back.  Kevin asks her about the atmosphere at the camps.  She says it's like a giant family reunion with weapons.


Kevin Miller speaks with Ammon Bundy who describes the history of the BLM and his family.  Mr. Bundy talks about the history of the land and statehood.  He then details his aunt being body slammed by the government and he being tazed four times by the BLM.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jerry from New Hampshire who has driven over 2,000 miles to protect the Bundys.  Jerry is the camp commander at one of the outposts.  He describes what he and the Bundys found after the BLM left.  Jerry talks about how the BLM shot the Bundy's cattle with a 5.6 rounds and finding the BLM cattle burial ground.


Kevin Miller share part one of his interview with Cliven Bundy.  Mr. Bundy talks about Idaho, the West and the BLM.  Kevin asks Mr. Bundy about the 'code of the west' and his thoughts the media coverage.  Mr. Bundy tells Kevin Miller he is too busy with the ranch to pay attention, however he realizes he needs to continue to raise awareness.



Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Kevin's day yesterday in Southern Nevada.  Kevin Miller details his trip into Cliven Bundy's living room.  Kevin and Dave discuss what it and isn't acceptable in America today.  They look at the Donald Sterling situation.


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