Kevin Miller's Hotlist is out and let's dispense with the long boring introduction.  It's the stories that make it happen so let's get to it!

Bob Barker, that's right THEE Bob Barker, has written a letter to Governor Otter urging him not to sign the AG Gag Bill.  Read the letter here.

The Washington Free Beacon takes a look at the comments of Professor Jonathan Turley, who warns that President Obama has become too powerful.

The Oregonian reports that the Beaver State is the key to the legalizing marijuana debate.

A soldier brags about hiding in her car to avoid saluting the flag.  Forget about duty, but what a dummy for telling everyone on social media.  Fox News goes in depth on the story.

You cannot avoid death and taxes.  Have you ever wondered what happens to your social media platform when you die?  Forbes takes a look at how Facebook handles your death.

Senator Rand Paul tells politicians to avoid hanging out with Bill Clinton.  CBSDC has the details.

More Americans disapprove than approve of President Obama's job performance according to CBS News.

Another sign of progress, Trader Joe's opens this Friday according to the Idaho Statesman.

The president tells the military it's time to leave Afghanistan.  CNS News has the details on the latest from the Middle East.

Major kudos to actor Gary Sinise pays for 50 wounded warriors to Disney World, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

It was a big debut for the Americans last night on FX according to the LA Times.





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