It's Masters week and most of the mainstream media's attention will be focused on the golf world.  Have no fear the Kevin Miller Hotlist has you covered!We'll make sure you're updated with the latest links from Nevada, Washington DC and Pennsylvania/  Plus the latest from entertainment, politics, and everything that matters to you.  Let's get started!

Has the golf world moved on without Tiger Woods?  Will Tiger ever comeback from his latest surgery?  Lots of questions and ESPN has your answers.

We now know the name of the stabber in Pennsylvania.  His name is Alex Hribal and everyone liked him.  How did this happen and what's next according to CNN.

Toyota sells the most cars worldwide and now they own another dubious award.  Is the perception of the total number of recalls impacting Toyota's reputation for high quality?  The Oregonian takes a look at the automakers latest recall.

David Letterman is done.  Who is the next David Letterman?  It's official and Entertainment Weekly has the story.  Gee that didn't take long.

The Feds verses the ranchers continues in Nevada.  The very latest from infowars.

Eric Holder flips out at congress.  Yep, that Eric Holder... The details courtesy of ABC News.

A mountain lion has attacked a dog according to the Idaho Statesman.

What's going on in the world of Star Wars and its sequels?  The yahoo and the Hollywood Reporter have the latest.

Colin Kapernick had a great year.  Now he's being investigated for sexual assault according to TMZ.

John Boehner unplugged and uncensored according to John Boehner.


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