Kevin Miller goes live to Washington DC to speak to Fox News Radio's Jon Decker.  Mr. Decker previews the Senate's vote on the Keystone Pipeline.

Kevin Miller takes calls from people who are at the 'Add The Words' hearing.


Kevin Miller interviews Tommy Alquist, the COO of the Gardner Company, about economic development in Boise.

They review the new buildings being built in the Treasure Valley.


Kevin Miller speaks with Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio.  She reviews the latest in Deflate Gate.

Kevin Miller reviews the news conference held this weekend by New England Patriots Head Football Coach Bill Belicheck.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso look at the local financial impact of President Obama's trip to Boise.

They look at the possible rise of gas taxes and how the slowing down of the Chinese Economy impacts the American Economy.


Kevin Miller interviews Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio about the Iowa Freedom Summit.  The meeting was a gathering of potential GOP Presidential Contenders.

Kevin Miller and Jared preview the upcoming presidential season.


Kevin Miller interviews Julie Lynde from Conerstone Family Council.  She reports live from the state capitol building previewing the 'add the words' hearing.

Kevin Miller reviews the statements of State Senator Jeff Siddoway on education.  The senator says the schools are underfunded and need more money.


Kevin Miller and Robin discuss Deflate Gate and the Super Bowl.  They look at the funding of education in Idaho.

Kevin Miller directs folks to look at his blog on the two Seattle Seahawks endorsing Obama Care.


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