Last week was a historic week in Idaho Gubernatorial politics. The lieutenant governor issued an executive order that Governor Little later rescinded.

The governor issued a scathing review of Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin's directive. I think we can finally say that mask mandates are something that will not be an issue shortly.

The one pressing issue that I believe would win next year's governor's race is bipartisan. It's the issue you face day in and day out, whether you're a professional driver or just trying to get to work and home on time. Our politicians continue to ignore our inadequate transportation systems, like the little Dutch boy and the dam. Sooner or later, the dam breaks, and we're all in trouble.

Credit: David McNew, Getty Images

I'd call on all candidates for governor to develop, release, and discuss their plan to rescue our state's transportation system. It is the most blatant example of our state's incompetence that roads are overfilled during the morning and evening commute. We pay taxes for the government to serve us; in today's world of ever-expanding traffic delays, we are serving our state's government.

Traffic jam with rows of cars
Credit: Aleksandra Glustsenko

An intelligent politician would be on the trail selling their plan to get you home safely and on time. Democrats and Republicans are both impacted by traffic delays. We've heard from the governor that the state has a record amount of money in its coffers. Why not go big with a legitimate detailed plan to make our commutes safer and faster? I believe the first candidate to make this a focal point of their campaign wins big. The question is, will anyone have the courage to look out for you?

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