Kevin Miller looks at Medicaid expansion in Idaho.  He takes calls on the issue from his listeners.


Kevin Miller speaks with Harmon Kaslow, producer of Atlas Shrugged Part 3.  They discuss the message of Ayn Rand in today's world.  Mr. Kaslow describes the process of how a book becomes a movie.


Kevin Miller looks at possible Medicaid expansion in Idaho.  He breaks down the costs of expanding the program.  He calls out all the politicians to care about the folks as opposed to their pocketbooks.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the possibility of raising taxes in Idaho.


Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso about CVS refusing to sell tobacco products.  Jeff looks at the upcoming NFL Season.

Kevin Miller is joined by Alan L. Morton, Attorney at Law.  They discuss the Oregon / Michigan State game.  Kevin Miller and Alan look at possible litigation involving tobacco and fast food products.


Kevin Miller interviews Emily Wither live from Jerusalem on the dangers of being a journalist in a foreign country.  She goes over the challenges of covering Syria now that ISIS is killing journalist.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with John Rich.  Mr. Rich describes his rise from humble beginnings and how he won the Celebrity Apprentice.  He previews Fridays Big and Rich Concert.


Kevin Miller welcomes Dave back from vacation.  They debate the season opening loss by the Boise State Broncos.  Kevin points out that BSU has the twentieth highest ticket price in the country.  The debate continues for the entire segment.


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