Kevin Miller discusses the Daytona Five Hundred with Brian Scott the driver of the Shore Lodge #2.


Kevin Miller interviews Hannah Parpart from the Idaho Humane Society.  She explains the new fund to help low income families afford veterinary care.


Kevin Miller speaks with  Senator Marv Hagedorn concerning guns, the budget, and education.

Kevin Miller reports on the incident involving members of the Boise State Football Team.


Kevin Miller speaks with Byron York from the Washington Examiner who is in town for the Ada County Lincoln Dinner.

Kevin Miller looks at the future of Gowen Field.


Kevin Miller is joined by Greg Pruett from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance about constitutional carry.  Mr. Pruett announces that Representative Heather Scott will back House Bill 89.


Kevin Miller interviews Deacon Keith Fournier, founder and Chairman of the Common Good Foundation and the Common Good Alliance.  They discuss the president's reaction to the ISIS threat.


Kevin Miller and Dave preview the news conference at Gowen Field this morning.  They speculate on the future of the A10 Program in Idaho.

Kevin Miller looks at the assault incident involving members of the Boise State Football Team.