Kevin Miller speaks with Lowell Ponte who writes covers financial news.  He gives specific advice for listeners who are concerned about the economy.  Our political correspondent Dustin Kuck predicts tonight's election result.  Here they are Otter 50% Balukoff 42% and other 8%.


Kevin Miller and Phil Hardy take calls on who will win tonight's race for governor.  Phil declares the election over and predicts a big win for Governor Otter.  Several people call in to agree and disagree with Phil.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the when a school should notify parents of a potential problem.  He checks in with Bill Marcus of Fox News Radio with a preview of the NH Senate Race.


Kevin Miller is joined by State GOP Chairman Stephen Yates.  They take calls from concerned voters over today's election.


Kevin Miller interviews Idaho State Representative Vito Barbieri on today's election.  He describes the details involving HR2.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who are made at the state and national government.


Kevin Miller looks at what happens if the republicans win.  He asks everyone 'will your lives really change?'  He takes calls and breaks down the issues that matter to the voters.  Kevin Miller says that low voter turnout makes your vote more powerful.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the fake bomb threat at Mountain View High School.  They look at today's election and discuss voting patterns.