Kevin Miller speaks with Reverend Bill and Chris discussing the needs of the rescue mission.  They thank the sponsors and urge folks to come out and support the community.


Kevin Miller speaks with Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies.  They go over the recent move to amnesty by the Washington politicians.  Kevin looks at the future of the country.


Kevin Miller takes phone calls concerning the latest in the Bergdahl situation.  Several folks call in to voice their anger.  Kevin goes in depth about his time with the Bergdahls.


Kevin Miller speaks with Chris Troupis, former republican candidate for attorney general.  Chris breaks down what's next for the state GOP before the state convention.  He likes the idea of Russ Fulcher succeeding Barry Peterson if Barry would step down.

Kevin Miller interviews Alan Morton, attorney at law, who discusses the recalled product the Nap Nanny.  Here is the link from Alan's interview.


Kevin Miller speaks with Cerina from the Boise Rescue Mission.  She discusses how her time at the mission saved her life.  She is now focused and ready to move on with the rest of her life.  Kevin Miller continues to cover the Bergdahl story.


Kevin Miller goes over the Bergdahl video and takes calls on the issue..  Kevin looks at the issues surrounding the president ignoring the military to release Bowe.  Several people call in voicing their opinions on the issue.


Kevin Miller, Sweet Williard, and Dave discuss the escalating salaries of college football coaches.  They look at the expanding power of college sports.  Kevin describes the video of Bowe Bergdahl being released.