Growing up, we're told not to call things stupid but let's be's the only word to describe the Boise housing market right now. 

Rebecca Oparnico/Fathom Realty
Rebecca Oparnico/Fathom Realty

That's exactly how we recently described it to a family member living in Northeast Ohio. This relative told us that a neighbor had put their three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom, 1150 square foot home on the market for $249,000 and asked "can you believe it they think they can get that much?"

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Our jaws dropped. A comparable house in Boise? Easily $550,000. She didn't believe us when said that or explained that it is nearly impossible to find a house under $400,000 in the City of Trees. So, we jumped onto to prove it.

For this search, homes had to meet certain criteria. We excluded homes with Boise zip codes that were way up in the mountains, 35-40 minutes away from the city itself. Secondly, they needed to be available without a pending offer on them. And finally, they had to be an actual single-family house. No manufactured homes.

That left us with just nine homes under $400,000. The cheapest asking price we could find was $329,900. So what do you get for that money? Take a look around.

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