Perhaps one of Idaho's great political analysts will correct my following statement. It's March, and has the legislature passed any significant legislation that the governor has signed? Property tax relief? Ahh, the cities are fighting back against any proposals that would limit their revenue potential. How about eliminating the grocery tax that the majority of incumbents and candidates promised to enact? Has it happened yet? Nope, we have a proposal concerning the same old we'll give you 100 bucks off your taxes or something like that? How about the limiting of the governor's emergency powers? You know, what we like to call giving everyone the Heisman?

I'm predicting that the moans of 'it's time to go home' will be emanating from the statehouse. Once that happens, you can forget about any of their promised being kept. What could happen? How about another tax hike for Idahoans? We are keeping an eye out for a last-minute attempt to raise the gasoline tax before adjournment.

The failure of the legislature reveals what we've known all along. Governor Little continues to run this state, including the legislative branch. The governor has been on the offensive against any measure to curtail his leadership. He has issued a press release/newsletter touting why Idaho should be happy to take the feds' money.

I am happy to announce the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded $39 million to Idaho to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts throughout the state.

We are in the final lap of the pandemic fight, and the finish line is close. Idaho's active COVID-19 emergency declaration was critical for Idaho to receive this federal assistance for vaccination centers. These centers will help us administer the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine to Idahoans who want it, pushing us ever-closer to normalcy.

The $39 million will be distributed to the state at 100-percent federal cost-share.

The legislature argues that they should have a say in how the money is distributed throughout the state. It is their responsibility under the Idaho State Constitution. It looks like the governor is winning. Will anyone step up to end that narrative?

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