Idaho Governor Brad Little issued a mandatory stay-at-home order for the State of Idaho.  All nonessential business must close their doors. All nonessential travel is to be canceled. Grocery stores may stay open as well as restaurants for carryout only.

You can read the Proclamation here

Citizens are able to leave their homes for essential purposes only.

The governor said he's creating a joint task force with the Idaho National Guard to help civilian efforts to limit the virus in Idaho.  Governor Little said the Idaho Office of Emergency Management will coordinate with the Idaho National Guard.

"They stand ready to serve," the governor said.

Governor Little emphasized that we're all in this together and we will get through this together.  He said we need help from the media to get the message out.  He also said that he will look at every issue of a case by case message.  He was unclear on the penalties for those who would violate the order.

"We'll figure that out," Little responded when asked. He said that peer-pressure from within the communities has been the largest reason for high-compliance in Idaho.

He said the compliance in Boise is very high.  He went on to say that Blaine County was the genesis of his decision.  The governor said that their medical system was overwhelmed and he wants to prevent that from happening in the rest of the state.  Governor Little encouraged Idahoans to act responsibly and practice social distancing.

Governor Little shared that the state's national guard could be used to help local communities that are overwhelmed by the virus.

Little stated the entirety of the order will be available in full later this afternoon.  You can read the order by clicking here.

You can listen to Governor Little's address below.

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