WHAT. THE. HECK? Ok, let's take a breath. Yes, McDonald's has announced they're ditching the cheeseburger...but only from the Happy Meal menu. PHEW!!!! While my little one is going to freak out, McDonald's is saying this is a move to promote "healthier eating."

By June, all items in the Happy Meal will be 600 calories or less. Now, if you're ready to boycott the most popular fast-food chain in the county...hang on. They say "the classic cheeseburger will still be available if a customer requests it, [however], the listed entree choice[s] will be a hamburger or a box of chicken nuggets." 

So why is McD's trying to change up their image? According to Bloomberg: "after child obesity rates in the U.S. almost tripled since the 1970s, McDonald’s is seeking healthier ingredients while trying to boost its image with more environmentally friendly packaging."

Those aren't all the changes. Bloomberg reports that the chain will also be "cutting the sugar content of chocolate milk and adding bottled water to the menu."

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