I heard a statement from one of the brave service members who summed up their feelings on Memorial Day. "It's not Happy Memorial Day; it's we remember." That's the phrase that those who lost a loved one would like to hear on this day.
Today is Memorial Day, a day where we remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. They died for their country from the origins of this day of remembrance, the Civil War, to fighting foreign adversaries across the world.

In Idaho, we remember to look at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery today on top of the hill. The place is packed with Americans, young and old, who remember. It's easy to figuratively beat up on folks that view this day as the first day of Summer.



Some are barbecuing or camping while the rest of us think of what makes someone die for their country? We must do a better job of reaching them and helping those Idahoans understand that we wouldn't have a government without their blood and sacrifice.

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio
Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

I want to send a personal message to those who lost a loved one today, whether recently or years ago. The beauty of America is that I, and most of us, cannot understand what it is like to move on after someone who died defending freedom in a far-off land or even close to home. Remember, we recently lost three National Guard Helicopter Aviators in training here in Idaho. We forget how dangerous the training is in the military. Before the years of endless warfare, we did have several folks who died while training to protect America.

American Flags on Boston Common

Back to you, I've said this many times on the air, but never before in print. As most of us are blessed to get older, we look at all those young people who will remain forever young in our hearts. We humbly remember those Americans who chose to leave the comfort of home, battling evils that threatened our freedoms, and those who answered the call of duty when drafted.

How To Celebrate Memorial Day
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Thank you to all who have died that we remember on this solemn day in May. Our country can never repay the debt to you and to your family, who misses you today and every day. To the family members who were never walked down the aisle, graduate from high school, see their kids or grandkids walk their first steps, we are so appreciative of your family's gift to us. We do remember and thank you because of those we honor today; we have the blessings of Memorial Day in America.


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