A flaw in the school's cash register system resulted in two students having their lunches taken away from them and thrown away. 

According to KTVB, the students are enrolled at Victory Middle School and had a zero balance in their school lunch account.  A spokesperson for the West Ada School District tells the news outlet that there were several factors in play that led to the incident.

The over arching reason? The school is brand new and not everything is working correctly.  An automated system is supposed to place a call to parents when their child's account balance is low, but that part of the system isn't working correctly. Normally elementary school students can still enjoy three more lunches and middle school students can order two while they have a zero balance.

The district also blames the cafeteria layout where students can pick the items they want for lunch before reaching the cash register. They're working to make sure that all the systems are working correctly and do work with families who've gotten behind on their accounts to see if their child qualifies for the free and reduced-lunch program.

While we're glad to see West Ada working toward getting the system up and running correctly, did throwing these childrens' lunches go a little too far?



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