Less than 24 hours after the president bragged about Micron bringing chip manufacturing back to America, the Boise-based company announced layoffs that will impact Idahoans working at Micron.

The company celebrated the Chips and Science by pledging to build the world's largest Fab in Boise. The company then announced that they would make a larger facility in New York state. The Idaho Statesman reported that Micron boss Sanjay Mehrotra shared the news during a conference call with shareholders. 



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The company told the Idaho Statesman that they would first look to attrition, a hiring freeze, or reducing the number of new people being hired and other means of reducing the workforce. Those moves could be challenging since the company promised thousands would be hired if the Biden Chips and Science Act was passed.

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The Act gives technology companies tax breaks to move their overseas facilities to the United States. Idaho's Congressional delegation unanimously voted against it, but it passed both houses of Congress and was signed by President Biden.      


This announcement is not the first time that Micron has cut its workforce. The company was forced to shed thousands of workers during the Great Recession in 2007-2010.


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