Parents and community members are furious over what they're calling "racists" costumes worn by Middleton Elemntary School faculty and staff. Photos of the costumes worn on Halloween during the school day were shared on the Middleton School District Facebook page; they show faculty wearing patriotic costumes behind a "wall." That depiction of the controversial immigration issue, is what have many concerned.

Facebook users were quick to call the costumes insensitive and even racist. Josh Middleton, the Superintendent of the school district issued an apology on a Facebook LIVE video this morning condemning the "insensitive and inappropriate"  costumes, and said he was "deeply troubled by the faculty's "poor decisions."

Middleton says the school district's administration is looking into the matter, but there is no word on what the repercussions will be. In the apology video, Middleton expresses his sincerest apologies on behalf of the school district, and added that "we are so much better than this."

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