It appears that Bellevue Deputy Marshall Nate Silvester is a popular police officer in our state.

A group of individuals has created a 'Go Fund Me Page' to help Silvester, reports the Idaho Statesman. Over $360,000 has been pledged to help the marshall who we do not know has or hasn't been suspended for making the video. Over 4,200 individuals have pledged their financial support on the site.

How it all began.

Silvester became a national figure for a video he published that was critical of NBA Superstar Lebron James.  The video has accrued over 5 million views on Tik Tok, accruing millions of views. It is very rare for law enforcement anywhere to be seen taking a position on societal issues.

Most videos involving law enforcement involve a challenge where one department lip syncs a song adding in their local flavors. The videos were popular a few years ago. The majority of our local Idaho departments participated in the challenge.

Bellevue Responds

Silvester Speaks

Officer Silvester has taken to YouTube to express his thanks for every message of encouragement.  "You guys are some incredible human beings," he said.  He continues "There are no words to express the gratitude to you all for the tremendous showing of support that I've seen for the past five or six days."

Outpouring of support makes a difference

In another YouTube video Marshall Silvester shares how the creation of the Go Fund Me page has impacted him.  "We don't get a chance to hear from people that often," he says.  Silvester shows a slide of the donation page while commenting, "This is exactly how we hear from you.  This speaks volumes."

You can donate to the Go Fund Me page by clicking this link here. 

Will anyone confirm of deny what is going on with Marshall Silvester?  The Idaho Statesman reports that the Idaho State Police is not investigating him.  Has he been suspended?  I would hope the official in Bellevue would issue a public statement one way or the other.

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