Why the Vandal Coach is making news!  Idaho Vandal Coach Paul Petrino is the subject of many sports stories.  Unfortunately the stories are about an alleged incident with a reporter and have nothing to do with this year’s Vandal Team.  According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Petrino has had it with reporters.

Sports Editor Michael-Shawn Dugar reveals the coach’s reaction to an article written about the Vandal Offense.  ” Petrino wasn’t just sarcastic; he was very much upset. He went on to immediately ban the media from today’s practice, yelling, “If all you’re going to write is negative (expletive) then none of you need to be here!”

I dismissed it as a lack of awareness, perhaps not realizing that while we were in fact on the football field, neither I nor the Tribune writer were his players, and we don’t respond to being spoken to that way.

But moments later, Petrino walked up to me and the Tribune reporter just outside the practice field and began to scream in my face, loudly informing us how many deep balls the team completed Wednesday. He then went on to chide us for our inaccurate criticisms of quarterback Matt Linehan and our lack of football knowledge, walking away saying, “You don’t even know what the (expletive) you’re talking about! Do your (expletive) job!

Then he turned back and started to move toward me, still angrily shouting expletives about my writing and my professionalism while being physically restrained by one of his assistants, approaching me as if he had plans to do something other than verbally express his concerns.” 

The allegations were addressed today by both Coach Petrino and Athletic Director Rob Spear.  They both responded to the incident according to the Idaho Statesman.  The coach said he behaved poorly but did not have to be restrained by his assistant.  He says he did not threaten a reporter verbally or physically and apologized for language.

Rob Spear stated that he was watching the interaction with Coach Petrino with the reporter and at no time saw the coach being restrained by his assistants.  Spear stated that he wanted to set the story straight.  He continued that he had spoken to Petrino about how to handle the media.

It would be difficult to believe that a reporter would make up such an allegation.  The team and the program don’t win by battling beat reporters who control the debate via the pen.  Let’s hope the Vandals have this much enthusiasm for their first opponent the Ohio Bobcats.