A social media post has put an Idaho High School in the national spotlight for its insensitivity, poor taste, and racism. The controversy involves a now-deleted Instagram post showing students from Salmon High School.

The Daily Mail described the post that has caused an international reaction and massive criticism. 

 "It showed a mixed-race girl lying on the ground with six teens standing over her and letters on their shirts spelling out a racial slur. All students in the picture had their middle finger raised to the camera."

The district superintendent posted a video explaining to the district's parents that he is investigating the post. He said that he and other officials have contacted local law enforcement to help determine if there was a crime committed. Parents have raised concerns over the deleted post.

The superintendent said this was the first time he experienced any racial incident. Idaho has had a reputation as a home for White supremacists due to members of the Ayran Nations living in Northern Idaho.

Some parents told East Idaho News that racial incidents have happened in the past, but nothing was ever done to the offenders. They continue saying that the lack of minorities in the community adds to the lack of racial sensitivity.

Idaho has gained a well-deserved national reputation for welcoming Americans from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. The state remains one of the most popular destinations for folks looking to move to a new state. 

We will continue to monitor this story and update you as it develops. 

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