The national news is covering Idaho once again, and this time, it doesn't involve murder or the housing market. The incident involves the University of Utah's Women's Basketball team, which was in Couer d'Alene competing in the Women's NCAA Tournament. 

Utah Women's Basketball Coach Utah head coach Lynne Roberts told several media outlets that she felt threatened as two trucks flying confederate flags approached the group of athletes allegedly yelling the N-word and other racist statements. The team, managers, and other support personnel felt so threatened that they moved from their team hotel in Idaho to another in Spokane. 


KSL.Com provided the details of the incident. The team was out for dinner Thursday night when a white truck approached them, revved their engines, and allegedly yelled the N-word. After the meal, the team was met by two trucks allegedly doing the same thing. Authorities in North Idaho have held a news conference vowing to take the situation seriously and prosecute those responsible.     


The situation casts Idaho in a bad national light as no one wants to send athletes, entertainers, or other resources to a state that does not welcome or keep athletes safe. The Gem State has tried to overcome the image of the Aryan Brotherhood's prevalent occupation in the 1970s and 1980s.

Race is often discussed, but it has rarely been an issue in the Gem State in recent years. A soccer coach was the target of a racist letter in the Treasure Valley a few years ago. Once the letter became public, the community rallied behind the team and their coaches. 

It's troubling that the actions of a few folks can tarnish a state of hard working, diverse and honest citizens. Let's hope our state can send a message that racism is not welcome in Idaho. 

You see the official reaction below.

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