Please watch the video above.  It shows  shear desperation of ever failing David Gregory.  Gregory inherited the greatest political show of all time and has destroyed that franchise faster than New Coke.

David Gregory's Stupid Trap
Getty Images Moses Robinson

   Gregory decided to try and trip Senator Rand Paul last Sunday by asking him about his wife's comments about Bill Clinton in Vogue Magazine.  Mrs. Paul was very upset about Bill Clinton's behavior involving his affair with Monica Lewinsky.  Gregory gleefully read her comments to the Senator.  His reaction as you can see above mirrors those of most Americans.  Let's face it, most folks would've been fired if they had behaved like Clinton.

What happened next shows you the difference between David Gregory's America and the rest of the country's.  Gregory immediately moved on to the next guest Senator Little Dickey Durbin.  Instead of previewing the State of the Union, the soon to be out of work NBC anchor positioned Paul's remarks as the focal point of the conversation.  Dickey responded that America had moved on.  Gregory was happy because he made something out of nothing by trying to slam Senator Paul.

This is the reason why Meet The Press is failing.  When Tim Russert was the host.  The questions were tough but well researched and fair.  Gregory is too busy kissing up to the same usual suspects of the liberal left.  Most credible conservatives with the exception of Peggy Noonan skip the show.

Please watch the video above again.  Senator Paul was right when declaring that the war on women is over and that the women have won.  By making up contrived immoral issues, David Gregory reveals himself to be a desperate Clinton defender.  Let's hope that act has run its course well before 2016


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