As the much-anticipated release of Jeffrey Epstein's associates' names continues to make headlines all over the country, Idahoans, particularly those leaning conservative, appear to be unfazed by the revelations, displaying a sense of skepticism and lack of surprise.

The referred-to documents, filed by Epstein's victim Virginia Giuffre in her lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, are expected to implicate around 150 individuals connected to Epstein.

This list of names was supposed to be revealed in December, however, there was a 30-day extension granted to certain individuals, including one identified as Doe 107, over concerns of potential harm if her identity were revealed, according to reports from CNBC and The Daily Wire.

Idaho is notorious for its conservative demographic, and many of whom have been following the Epstein case for years with raised eyebrows and a lot of questions. Familiar names such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew have already been linked to Epstein. So, the recent information has provided little that people didn't already suspect.

While media attention seems fixated on Prince Andrew, local interest lies more in uncovering the American elites on the list. Idahoans have long been skeptical of the media's handling of high-profile cases like this one, and they view the unfolding of this "Epstein drama" as yet another instance of sensationalism, or just another distraction from more pressing issues.

The key question remains: Will the full list of Epstein's associates ever be released, and do Idahoans care? For many, the Epstein case is less about uncovering shocking updates and more about exposing corruption.

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