Whether you live in Idaho or not, it seems like the ghost of Bill Clinton is upon us once again. Clinton was the president who was impeached for perjuring himself about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

I remember the media saying that your private life shouldn't impact your public job. I hope that families in Idaho never have to put up with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Kansas Head Football Coach Les Miles's behavior. Cuomo is in the political fight for his life over the drip, drip, of sexual harassment allegations from his former employees and others.

Miles behavior is the subject of a USA Today report of an LSU Athletic Department's internal investigation. The digital publication reports that the LSU Athletic Director wanted to fire Miles for his behavior. You can read the entire story here. The details of the report are troubling. Les Miles always came across as a lovable, bumbling family man. I bought the ESPN + package for its documentary of him.

Not everyone has the ability or opportunity to be the governor of New York, the president of the United States, or the head football coach at a major university. We all have the responsibility to be role models for the young people who look up to us. It is not acceptable for a boss/coach to solicit favors from someone their daughter's age outside of their marriage.

From the USA Today story, The coach attempted to sexualize the staff of students working for the LSU football team in 2012, allegedly demanding he wanted "blondes with the big boobs" and "pretty girls."

How can anyone with a family commit such an irresponsible act of betrayal?  One can only hope that there is some redemption for these men. There is no gold star for not being a letch. Perhaps, there should be?


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